Doctor Amiee


Meet Dr Amiee Vyas

I believe that being an aesthetic doctor is not about creating clones with the same lips and generically contoured smooth face. It’s about me helping you to enhance your natural beauty and show your unique individuality so you can feel and be the most beautiful you and be your best self in every aspect of life.

Understanding what you want is Dr Amiee’s key to achieving your aesthetic goals. It all starts with a conversation and an in-depth consultation. Knowledge is power and no matter what treatment you choose, you will be well informed and can rest assured of your safety before proceeding with Dr Amiee.
You are unique and that’s your superpower!
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Subtle changes can make a great impact to beautify and rejuvenate your appearance.

Performing injectable aesthetic treatments requires an in-depth knowledge of anatomical structures. It involves a thorough consultation including medical history, a detailed facial examination and a highly skilled and artistic eye for detail to provide natural looking results appropriate for your facial proportions. Dr Amiee recommends combination treatments to dramatically refresh your look without overdone drastic changes to your appearance.

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