Doctor Amiee



I'm Dr Amiee Vyas, Founder of Doctor Amiee Facial Aesthetics & Skin, Key Opinion Leader in Cosmetic Dermatology, Expert Aesthetic Trainer and founding member of the Black Aesthetics Advisory Board.

I offer bespoke in-clinic treatments & an international online skin clinic to empower you to be skin confident and authentically celebrate your individuality. Understanding you is my key to achieving your aesthetic goals. It all starts with a conversation: Knowledge is power, so no matter what treatment you choose, I invite you to ask all the questions you need as we embark on your journey.

I believe that being an aesthetic doctor is not about creating clones with the same plump lips and generically contoured smooth face. It’s about me helping you to celebrate your own natural beauty and shine in your unique individuality so you can feel and be confident as the truest expression of yourself.

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