Skin has and always will be my number one focus when it comes to aesthetic practice. Whether its prevention, treatment or enhancement you are looking for it is important to start here to maintain beautiful results.

Skin Care

Our skin is our largest organ, covering about 20 square feet in total and represents us for our whole lives so I say it’s about time we take proper care of it!

When it comes to anti-ageing and skin concerns we need to invest and build foundations early and then maintain skin fitness to preserve our beauty and most importantly our skin health. Evidence-based medical grade skin care is paramount to achieving great skin. Containing the right ingredients at the right concentrations based on robust scientific data, medical grade skincare is our first defence to treat any active skin concerns and prevent ageing. There are so many options available today and the same product or skin treatment won’t work for everyone so a medical skin consultation is essential where Dr Amiee will tailor a bespoke plan for you. As the skin changes with time reviews with seasonal or lifestyle changes are also recommended.

For active skin concerns such as acne the journey to flawless skin involves commitment. Although clinic treatments such as chemical peels can do wonders for your skin they are only half of the solution and should be complemented with a homecare regime to maintain results. The first few weeks and sometimes longer can be challenging as the skin initially purges. Perseverance and compliance is crucial at this point because skin turnover takes 12 weeks. Results may take up to this period to show but the skin will surely improve.

To make expert skincare advice and professionally personalised skin care plans accessible to everyone Dr Amiee has partnered with Harley. This platform “powered by science, not marketing” facilitates online consultations with Dr Amiee at a time that works for you.

How It Works

  • Visit Dr Amiee in clinic or schedule an online consultation via Harley
  • Discuss your skin goals, current lifestyle and brief medical history
  • Learn about evidence-based products and treatments that suit your skin and preferences best
  • Have professionally curated products shipped to your doorstep by Harley
  • Have detailed, step-by-step application instructions sent digitally to you
  • Replenish products with one click via Harley as you run out

Rejuvenating Peels

I love creating beautiful skin and helping you to look and feel your best beautiful and most confident.

Chemical peels are safe scientifically proven treatments which promote a strong and healthy skin structure through exfoliation of the superficial layers, and stimulation of collagen production and new cell growth resulting in a refreshed and youthful complexion. Chemical peels can be used as anti-ageing treatments in their own right as well as in combination with other aesthetic modalities. They can also provide outstanding results for specific skin concerns including acne and associated scarring, rosacea, dry skin conditions, pigmentation and more. Dr Amiee specialises in the NeoStrata™ ProSystem and Retinol Peels as well as Skin Tech TCA Peels. She offers peel solutions suitable for all skin colours and types with varying levels of downtime and tolerability.

Before & After

Treatment Overview

Rejuvenating peel treatments are reserved for those aged 18 years and over and are not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Discomfort levels during the procedure depend on the type of peel used and vary from mild to moderate.


Appointment length varies with each peel:
NeoStrata Prosystem Peels: 45 minutes
NeoStrata Retinol Peels: 30 minutes
Skin Tech TCA Peels: 60 minutes


Dr Amiee will give you written aftercare instructions and will prescribe you appropriate home care following treatment, please follow these for best results.
Levels of peeling and downtime will vary with each peel:
NeoStrata Prosystem Peels: No - minimal peeling, instant glow and no downtime in most cases, possible purge in blemish prone skin types.
NeoStrata Retinol Peels: Minimal - moderate peeling at days 3-7 post treatment, skin will initially feel sunburnt, you will see glowing skin after 7 days.
Skin Tech TCA Peels: Moderate - severe peeling at days 2-7 post treatment, improved skin texture and clarity at 7 days.

Medical Microneedling

My job is simply to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel as beautiful as you are.

Microneedling boosts collagen and elastin production by creating microchannels over the skins surface stimulating a natural healing response in the dermis of the skin. This treatment renews the skin improving elasticity, texture and tone. It may be combined with active serums and chemical peels for optimum results and is particularly beneficial in the treatment of acne scars.

Treatment Overview

Microneedling treatment is reserved for those aged 18 years and over.
Dr Amiee will prepare the skin with local anaesthetic cream to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.


30 minutes


Dr Amiee will give you written aftercare instructions and will prescribe you appropriate home care following treatment, please follow these for best results.
It is normal to experience erythema or redness for a few days after treatment, the skin may feel similar to sun burn and you may also have some light flaking of the skin. A brighter complexion will be revealed after about a week.