Our Purpose – Doctor Amiee

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

A born yogi, hailing from a family of female medics who all have a deep connection to spirituality, Dr Amiee’s ethos is to instil ultimate skin confidence to empower her patients to be confident as their truest self. She offers clinic treatments and an international online skin clinic with bespoke plans to suit all budgets, aiming to make skin confidence accessible to all so that they too can then rise in their own purpose as she has. Dr Amiee recognises the significant impact of life and stress on the skin and how this affects women in particular. Her practice brings a unique combination of science and self-care which is the cornerstone of her work.

Catering to all skin tones has long been crucial to Dr Amiee. The lack of support in aesthetic medicine for when unforeseen complications (which are always a possibility in all areas of medicine) occur in black and brown skinned patients took her by surprise. This cued further reading and in-depth literature reviews beyond her usual continued professional development requirements. She learnt as much as she could to equip herself to serve her black and dark-skinned patients to the best of her ability and from there, uses this knowledge to empower her industry colleagues in the training courses she teaches.

Moving Forward

Aesthetic medicine is ever evolving so Dr Amiee continues to learn, lead and share knowledge to her peers to form a community of educated and supported practitioners. With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, following the events of May 2020 in the USA. A deeply unsettling period and a personal need to instigate change prompted Dr Amiee to open a new conversation investigating colour diversity in her industry. In June 2020 she became a founding member of the Black Aesthetics Advisory Board which aims to drive purposeful change at all levels of the industry to improve access to aesthetics for patients with black and skin of colour as well as supporting all practitioners to confidently open up their services to this group.

Dr Amiee's passion for skin confidence and female empowerment has also brought her to work teens. She believes the way we learn to treat ourselves (particularly as women) is impacted by our early experiences. There is a lack of education on how we should love and celebrate ourselves which leads to imposter syndrome and so much more that young women then carry with them throughout life. In Summer 2020 she launches her Selfcare School initiative offering educational and practical support for young women. Watch this space and follow her on Instagram for more!