Dr Amiee Vyas – Doctor Amiee

Dr Amiee Vyas

Dr Amiee Vyas MBBS BSc.

• Founder and Director of Doctor Amiee Facial Aesthetics & Skin
• Key Opinion Leader in Cosmetic Dermatology
• Expert Aesthetic Trainer
• Founding Member of the Black Aesthetics Advisory Board

In love with skin from very early in medical school, Dr Amiee had a passion for dermatology and built the experience she needed to embark on that career pathway. She was appointed on the British Association of Dermatologists DermSchool Subcommittee and worked on national scale dermatology training events for medical students for 3 years. It was here that she found her flair for teaching, which inspired peer teaching events through university and beyond. Dr Amiee graduated from King’s College London with a medical degree in 2013 and Intercalated BSc. in Nutrition with Medical Sciences in 2010. She then continued her post-graduate medical training in the Midlands and West London. During this time, Dr Amiee’s father suffered a cardiac arrest at home, she was involved in his successful resuscitation, but the ongoing trauma and his ill health meant she must soon change her career path.

Aesthetic medicine had always appealed to Dr Amiee due to its power to instil confidence, particularly for women. In 2015, earlier than she had planned, she trained in advanced medical aesthetics with Derma Medical and then worked with the support of an experienced mentor while she refined her skills. She had used her own skin as a tool to empower herself during her career change and the emphasis of skin health to support aesthetic results in her new role excited her further. Before she knew it, she became immersed in the world of medical grade skincare. Her inquisitive mind studied the evidence behind formulations in great detail. She taught her patients what their skin needed, how to be skin confident and how achieve their goals in her treatment plans. From here, she ran with education becoming a Trainer in Cosmetic Dermatology and a Key Opinion Leader with the multi award-winning distributer and training provider Aesthetic Source. Dr Amiee chose to work with this company for it’s value for evidence-based skincare and commitment to catering to the skin health of all colours. This was a subject that was poorly taught and misunderstood in her industry and she was keen to be part of progress. The theme of education continued as Dr Amiee became an expert trainer in injectables with the award-winning Acquisition Aesthetics training academy well known for its academic approach to redefining excellence in cosmetic medicine.

Dr Amiee’s approach to treatments and education has always been skin first because without skin health, the maximal benefits of other aesthetic treatments become obsolete. She believes treatments should be sustainable in terms of financial commitment, upkeep and their impact on the environment.

With over 12,000 procedures experience, her tailored, proven ingredient focused approach, elevates the patient experience to new heights. In an industry governed by trends and ideals of beauty, Dr Amiee stands apart, authentically celebrating her patients diversity and using her skill and artistry to deliver natural enhancements and a newfound confidence in self beyond visible beauty.


• Medical MBBS Degree, King’s College London (KCL)
• Intercalated BSc in Nutrition with Medical Sciences, KCL
• Advanced Medical Aesthetics, Derma Medical
• Full General Medical Council license to practise
• Cosmetic Indemnity Insurance: Cosmetic Insure
• Save Face Accredited
• Member of the Aesthetics Complications Expert Group

Speaking Topics

• Skin confidence
• Cosmetic dermatology
• Skin concerns & treatment options for skin of colour
• Colourism
• The relationship between stress & skin
• Skin care & selfcare
• Women & skin